A Michigan Secret – Eben Ice Caves

Eben Junction is a small city about 30 minutes outside of Munising. Every year visitors from all over come to this city to see one spectacular piece of nature. Hidden about half a mile within the Rock River Wilderness area is something known as the “Eben Ice Caves.” The caves aren’t really caves but rather sixty foot tall icicles that have formed where a waterfall normally trickles. Each winter the water freezes and a curtain of ice is formed in the front of an indented rock wall. It thus creates a cave land is certainly one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

Eben Ice Caves

To the Ice Caves

Head North on Eben Road from highway M-94 at Eben Junction. You’ll have to drive about two miles and turn right onto Frey Road. From there, you’ll see a small parking area. If the parking lot is full, common for weekends apparently, you can park on the shoulder of the road. There is also a small stand set up here where you can purchase hot chocolate on the weekends. We went during the week so I’m not sure what else might be available.

After parking, you’ll follow a trail across a field (the owner has graciously given their permission for this trail) and into the woods. About a half mile later, you’ll reach the caves. The foot trail is very easy to follow but is also very slippery. It is recommended that you use proper footwear, like snowshoes. We wore regular boots and didn’t have too many issues.

To learn more about the Eben Ice Caves, visit their Facebook page.

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