The Beautiful Yellow Dog Falls

Location: Marquette County, Michigan

Yellow Dog Falls is located on the Yellow Dog River in Marquette County. This river runs wild throughout the county, untouched by human development. Many of the waterfalls are not very easily accessible. Yellow Dog Falls is one of the larger falls, nearly 20 feet in height and is the most accessible.

Main drop

There are seven primary drops, although several only range a few feet in height. The surrounding area is very rugged with lots of boulders, woods, and rapids.

One of the many lower drops

The trail is easy to follow and easy to traverse.

Getting There

To get to Yellow Dog Falls, from the intersection of Country Road 550 and 510, head south on 510 for about 6 miles until you reach the bridge. This bridge crosses the Yellow Dog River and there is a small parking area on the east side. From there, you’ll hit the foot trail and walk for about a mile until you reach the falls. The trail continues after that for a bit but we didn’t see anything of extreme interest beyond.

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