Camping Gear

The best way to have a successful camping trip is to make sure that you have all the right gear with you or, at the very least, enough gear to improvise what you’re missing. I’ve put together this list of possible items you’ll want to include. This is meant to be a guideline only and is based on our experiences. Some things you may or may not want to include. It all depends on where you’re headed, the weather, how many days you’ll be there and most importantly, your personal comfort level.

Suggested Basic Equipment

  • Tent
  • Extra tent stakes (Skinny metal ones tend to work better than the thick plastic ones, especially if you’re going to an area that may have rocky ground.)
  • Sleeping bag (Try putting your sleeping bag in a compression sack to conserve room)
  • Sleeping pad or air mattress
  • Blanket (Emergency blankets are light weight)
  • Pillow (To help reduce space, try using a compressed travel pillow)
  • Multi tool or knife
  • Lint (Great firestarter)
  • Hatchet or some way to cut wood (optional but helpful)
  • Flashlights (recommend 2)
  • Extra batteries
  • Compass
  • Maps of area you’re camping at
  • Water filter or tablet treatment (just in case)
  • Stove and/or tripod
  • 1 bowl per person
  • 1 cup per person
  • 1 set of silverware per person
  • Cooking utensils
  • 1 pot and pan
  • Ziplock bags
  • Quick Dry Towel
  • Aluminum foil
  • Extra socks
  • Non cotton material clothing (if possible)
  • Brightly coloured clothing (especially helpful if you’re in an area with lots of ticks)
  • Duct Tape
  • Matches or Flint and Steel
  • Paracord 550 (the use for this endless)
  • First Aid Kit

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