A Gorge to Remember – Manganese Gorge

We first encountered Manganese Falls in winter of 2012 when we ventured to Copper Harbor for the first time.  We couldn’t see the waterfall very well but we taken aback by the beauty of the gorge below. Where everything outside the gorge was covered in white snow, inside the gorge greenery thrived and the only sign of winter was the massive icicles.

Manganese Falls
Manganese Falls

Our second visit was much more about the waterfall. The 45 foot waterfall that plummeted into the gorge we visited before was what captivated us and it made it one of my favorite waterfalls.

This trip, our third visit, was even different still. While the massive icicles had formed, the gorge was covered heavily with snow. The snow made it possible for us to climb further into the gorge than we had ever done before and Steve was even able to cross the creek and explore some of the gorge “caves”. I imagine that  later on in the winter, this area will be quite remarkable again.

What an adventure.

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