A Cozy Cabin Rental near Munising

Every February we venture into the frozen north in search of nature’s ice sculptures. We’ve stayed mostly at hotels in the past but this year we wanted to be able to bring our beagles with us. I just happened to come across this little place called Double D Cabins, located in Wetmore, Michigan.

Family owned, the Double D Cabins have two options for rentals; the Family Cabin and the Sportsman Cabin. We stayed in the Family Cabin due to availability. Both cabins have a bathroom (with shower), are fully furnished and have a full kitchen (stove and all). We were happily surprised when we arrived at the cabin. The photographs on their website don’t do it justice. It’s cozy, comfortable and relaxing.

There is mouse poison tucked away in the “dark places” of the cabin. We wouldn’t have found it at all except we had our dogs with us. We immediately picked it all up, but just something to remember to check for at any cabin rental.

The only downside I can see is that the two cabins are close together. If you’re looking for solitude, it’s not the best location. We didn’t have any issues, but we spent the majority of our time at the cabin inside.

Overall we were extremely pleased with our stay at Double D Cabins. It provided us exactly the relaxing, worry-free place that we wanted after a long day of exploring.

If you’d like to learn more about the Double D Cabins, visit their website or their facebook page.

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