A Journey to Crisp Point Lighthouse

Michigan has some pretty unique lighthouses. Designed to withstand the raging storms of the Great Lakes, it’s hard to not be impressed. Even if lighthouses aren’t your thing. Crisp Point Lighthouse, once inaccessible by car, is one such unique structure.

Crisp Point Visitor Center Sign

Crisp Point is considered one of the most remote lighthouses on the “main land” in Michigan. After taking the drive, it’s easy to understand why. It is located 37 miles north of Newberry and way off the beaten path. The dirt road is manageable in a typical car, we took our Jetta.

View of Lake Superior

The 59 foot tall tower offers an easy climb to some spectacular views of Lake Superior.

Crisp Point Lighthouse

Construction began in 1903 and continued until it opened early 1904. It was established a Life Saving Station where people would battle the violent storms on Lake Superior to help save shipwrecked sailors. The lighthouse was named after it’s first Keeper, Christopher Crisp.

Getting There

Take M-123 from Newberry to CR-500. Follow the signs to the lighthouse.

I’ve heard stories of people who got lost trying to use their GPS to get here. We didn’t have any problems but we paid close attention to our map and the road signs.

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