Over 5 Million Reasons to Visit Holland

Location: Holland, Michigan

What better way to spend Mother’s day than with your mom at the 87th Annual Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan.

Celebrating the Dutch Heritage, the Tulip Festival is a week long event that takes place all over the city of Holland. Activities such as dutch dancing, 19th century crafts, authentic dutch dining, a parade and of course the viewing of over 5 million tulips makes this festival one worthy of experiencing.

Windmill Island Gardens

Windmill park is well known for it’s beautiful gardens and old Windmill. It costs $9 for admission and is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  I had been here before but never during Tulip Time. I have to admit though, we were a little disappointed with what was there. I expected a lot more tulips. Still, they were beautiful.

Window of the Waterfront Park

The Window of the Waterfront Park is a 30 acre park along the south edge of the Macatawa Marsh. There weren’t very many tulips here but it was still pretty and there were some interesting varieties of tulip, like Mascara and Toyota.

Veldheer Tulip Farm

This was my favorite place for viewing the tulips. Veldheer Tulip Farm is just outside of Holland and has the great policy of “if you damage it, you pay $100”, resulting in what I think was some of the best undamaged tulip viewing.  For $10 admission cost, we had access to rows upon rows of gorgeous tulips.

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