Pure Awesome: Hungarian Falls

There’s a little known waterfall in the Keweenaw called Hungarian Falls.

Hungarian Falls is made up of several drops; Upper, Middle, and Lower. The Upper and Middle drops, though shorter in height, are remarkably beautiful. If ever there was a waterfall that looked like it belonged in an enchanted story with knights, castles, faeries, and dragons, this would be it.

The final drop, known as Lower Hungarian Falls, is what I’d consider an epic adventure. The waterfall tumbles a good 50 feet down and is surrounding by high gorge walls that are slippery and steep. It appears to be impossible to get down to the base of the waterfall.

But we did it.

Probably one of the more dangerous things we’ve done on our adventures but certainly one of the most rewarding. The banks (if they can even be called that) go from a smooth rock to a slippery red clay. At one point we slid down the side with the hope that we’d be able to stop before the

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