An Easy Hike to Big Sable Lighthouse

If you’re looking for an easy hike that takes a couple of hours or for a place to have a picnic and hang out, Big Sable Lighthouse is a great location. The hike is around 2 miles, each way, down a sandy but well-worn path that starts at Ludington State Park. There’s even some hike in sites at the Jack Pine Campground along the way if you want to stay near the lighthouse but not in the busy campground.

Big Sable Lighthouse

The lighthouse itself is impressive and possibly one of my favorites. The tower stands 112 feet tall and is striped black and white to make it easily recognizable from “18 miles away”. It takes 130 steps to get to the top and has some of the best lighthouse views I’ve ever seen. It costs $5 to climb.

Big Sable Lighthouse

Constructed in 1867, the Big Sable Lighthouse has had a long and difficult history. Erosion has been a constant battle. In the early 1900s, the erosion was so bad that they had to pour concrete between the bricks of the tower and added the black and white metal bands. In 1943, a small seawall was built, hoping to help the problem.

Dunes from Big Sable Lighthouse tower

More information can be found at Ludington Lighthouses

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