A Bucket List Worthy Falls: Bond Falls

There’s no denying that Bond Falls is an impressive waterfall but there’s something about visiting it in the winter that makes it even more magical. This 50 foot tall, 160 foot wide cascading falls is located in Paulding and is without a doubt one of the Michigan’s best. We visited it for the first time in July of 2013 and since then have been back a few times. Our winter visits is one of our favourites.

If you’re planning on visiting Bond Falls in the winter, be prepared for a challenge. The roads and parking area aren’t too bad, but expect slippery – literally ice – trails and steep stairs. Even the metal railings along the stairs were covered in enough ice to make gripping difficult. We, and the other visitors there, took our time descending the stairs and luckily no one fell.

Once you make it to the bottom of the stairs (and have a sigh of relief that you made it alive…until you remember that you have to climb back up), the board walk that surrounds Bond Falls isn’t too bad. And the views are completely worth it. Not quite frozen, the waterfall takes on a beautiful bluish-green hue.

While the main feature of the waterfall is it’s lower drop, make sure to take some time (carefully) and admire the upper cascades. With the snow and ice, they can be quite pretty as well.

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