The Beautiful Quartzite Falls

It is well known by now that we love everything about Slate River. From its towering slate walls to it’s unique, rugged river bed. With Slate River, there is always something special around the bend.

In 2015, Steve and I visited Black Slate Falls for the first time. This waterfall isn’t extremely impressive in size, but rather is made up of several small drops that cascade like steps. Just like the other waterfalls on Slate River, we fell in love with it.

It was after this visit that we learned of another waterfall, just downstream from Black Slate Falls; Quartzite Falls. Like the river it resides on, Quartzite Falls is incredibly unique. The river drops 8 feet over large, smooth slabs of slate before flowing into a very deep pool.

Just a short walk down a path from the road, Quartzite Falls is easy to access and offers beauty we have not seen in any other waterfall.

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