Two Favorite Waterfalls of Marquette County

Marquette County is a waterfall explorer’s dream. With all different types and sizes, we never know what we might run across. Morgan Falls and Carp River Falls are two that offered us plenty of surprises.

Located at the end of Morgan Creek, Morgan Falls tumbles 20 feet over a volcanic rock into a small, sandy pool of water before flowing out to the much larger Carp River.

Morgan Creek Falls
Morgan Creek Falls, Photo by Steve Lucas

We spent a lot of time photographing Morgan Falls, for reasons that are obvious to those visiting. There are plenty of opportunities for different perspectives and the area is so scenic that it’s hard not to find something to shoot.

Keep in mind that because this waterfall is somewhat easy to access, it does attract many visitors. There has not been a time where we have experienced this waterfall by ourselves.

Carp River
Carp River by Amie Lucas

We followed Carp River upstream from Morgan Falls to find more impressive views. Rapids, waterfall drops, and rushing waters are found around every turn. This hike, however, can be challenging. It required us to scale steep hillsides, rocks, and slippery areas where a misstep would lead to a slide down the hill and into the river below.

Roughly half a mile upstream, we were able to hear and then see Carp River Falls. A large, roaring, multi-drop waterfall that, to us, was worth every single step. From the base of the falls to perching above them on a cliff, every view of this waterfall was spectacular.

Carp River Falls
Carp River Falls, photo by Amie Lucas
Carp River Falls, video by Steve Lucas

To visit these waterfalls, head south from Marquette on 553 for about two miles. Turn onto Marquette Mountain road and continue until you reach the parking area for Morgan Falls. We have seen cars parked here, so the road is accessible but if it has been raining heavily, you may have problems getting through the mud puddles without a 4 by 4 vehicle.

Once parked, take the stairs down to reach Morgan Falls. To reach Carp River Falls, follow Carp River upstream for about .6 miles. It’s impossible to miss.

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