Rafting the Snake River

Adventure is right around the corner.

Never has this statement been truer than when one decides to pick up a paddle and hit the river.

We were spending a week exploring the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and what better way to explore the mountains than through the waterways.

Because we had no previous whitewater rafting experience, we booked our tour with a company located in Jackson Hole; Sands Whitewater and Scenic River Trips.

The Snake River

Photo of the Snake River with our disposable FILM camera

A major river of the northwest region, the Snake River is the largest tributary of the Columbia River. It is 1,078 miles in length and travels through Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon.

The river offers a variety of levels of white water rafting.

The Experience

With rapids like the Big Kahuna providing challenges but still slow, downtime to enjoy the scenery, the Snake River was an excellent first trip.

We and the 6 others with us were soaked by the end and had big smiles on our faces.

To avoid damaging technology or losing our expensive cameras, we purchased a cheap, disposable film camera. A great alternative to this is waterproof bags for your phone or small digital camera.

Our total trip took us 8 miles downstream and took 3.5 hours. Reservations should be made in advanced.

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