A Roadside Stop: Jacob’s Falls

Michigan has few roadside waterfalls that compare with the beauty of Jacob’s Falls. Located about 3 miles east of Eagle River in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, Jacob’s Falls provides something for everyone. From tt’s roadside convenience of it’s final drop to the more adventurous upper drops, this waterfall allows people of all experience levels the chance to view some of nature’s most beautiful creations.

The most impressive and best-known drop can be viewed right from your car. It’s a tall, sliding drop that ends in a rocky, shallow creek.

Lowest drop of Jacob's Falls

The two other drops require a bit of work to access. One must climb steep, slippery surfaces and shuffle along narrow rock ledges. It requires great balance and sure footing. The first time we climbed this portion, we had one of our beagles with us. One of them pulled me and I lost my footing. I slid down smooth, slippery rock and almost went down one of the drops into the creek. I was able to grab a sturdy tree root and stop myself.  If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, it is very much worth it.

Jacob's Creek above the lowest drop
One of the upper drops of Jacob's Falls

After viewing the waterfall, take a quick peek at The Jampot. Offering baked goods, candies, and of course, jams, The Jampot is run by monks and offers a unique experience to visitors. More information about The Jampot can be found at Jampot – Home of Poorock Abbey.

Directions to Jacob’s Falls

From Houghton, continue north on US-41 for about 26 miles, until you reach Phoenix, Michigan. Turn left onto M-26 and continue another 5.3 miles. You will pass through Eagle River, which has it’s own roadside Falls. Jacob’s Falls will be on your right, just before The Jampot.

From Copper Harbor, follow M-26 south for 18.7 miles. The falls will be on the left, just after The Jampot.

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