Getting Away to Big Eric’s Bridge State Forest Campground

It’s hard to pick just one campground that’s a favorite, especially in the U.P. But if there is one place that I keep coming back to, it’s Big Eric’s Bridge State Forest Campground.

This rustic campground is located on the Huron River about 30 minutes from downtown L’Anse. It’s a small campground with only 20 sites for tents and small trailers. Its amenities include vault toilets and a hand pump well. It’s a perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, fishers, and off-roaders. At $15 per night, it’s hard to pass up.

Campground by Steve Lucas

Aside from Memorial Day weekend, this campground is relatively quiet. It’s in the middle of nowhere, which is always a plus in my book.  It’s also free of light pollution, making it one of our favorite locations for night time photography.

Big Ericks Falls
Big Ericks Falls by Amie Lucas

Another bonus. It’s located by a waterfall. Big Erick Falls isn’t a large waterfall but it is certainly a pretty one. Made up of 15 drops, this waterfall is just a walk down the road away from the campground.

More details about this campground can be found on the Michigan DNR Website.

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