A Rewarding Hike to Bulldog Falls

The Yellow Dog River is well known for it’s impressive Yellow Dog Falls. However, it is deep within the boundaries of the McCormick Wilderness Area that the river truly shines.

McCormick Wilderness Sign

McCormick Wilderness Trailhead

Bulldog Falls is one of the many waterfalls along Yellow Dog River and one of the most impressive. With several drops, a rapid staircase, and stunning old growth forest, this is a waterfall that will have us returning many times in the future.

Rapids of Bulldog Falls
Photography taken by Steve Lucas

As beautiful as it is, though, it is not an easy waterfall to access. Traversing miles of unmarked trails i McCormick Wilderness can often be a challenge in itself. Add in muddy, flooded trail, river crossings, steep rock hills, and a bit of thick bushwhacking and this becomes one tough hike.

The reward is well worth it for any outdoor adventurer with a good map and compass. The wilderness area itself is worth the hike alone, but tack on that incrediable waterfall and it becomes an outdoor enthusiasts haven.

While this area is unbelievably beautiful, remember this is deep wilderness. Moose and bear are common. So along with a GPS system and/or a compass, a good first aid kit, and extra food and water, make sure you are prepared for any encounters with wildlife.

For more details of the McCormick Wilderness visit USDA Ottawa National Forest website.

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