Running Trails at Woldumar Nature Center

Lansing, Michigan

Moderate to Difficult

Mid-Michigan is not known for  challenging terrain. Finding some trails to really push yourself as a runner or hiker can be difficult, but there is one hidden gem; Woldumar Nature Center.

Woldumar Nature Center is located in Lansing, Michigan. It is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1963, with a mission to educate people about the natural environment. The 5+ miles of beautiful trails are open to the public all year. It is the perfect place to hike, run, ski, or snowshoe.

There are several trails, all of which can be looped together to create a longer journey. The green trail takes you along the prairie and is 1.4 miles. On the red trail, you’ll travel 1.5 miles through woodland. The orange is 1.6 miles and takes you around the lagoon. The blue trail is a short 0.7 mile stroll through the meadows. A trail map is available on the Woldumar website.

Wildlife is abundant here. You may spot something you rarely see elsewhere. I have seen everything from the usual deer to mink and coyotes.This place is a sanctuary to animals and humans alike

Because Woldumar Nature Center is a non-profit, they receive a lot of funding from donations through membership fees and for those visiting the trails.

Visit Woldumar’s website to learn more about their trail system as well as the many events hosted here.

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