To the Top of the World!

Location: Marquette, Michigan

Hike to the Top of the World for rewarding views of Lake Superior, Marquette, Harlow Lake, and Little Presque Isle. Not as tall or well known as it’s neighbor Hogback Mountain, Top of the World offers a more secluded experience for hikers.

The trail is relevately easy with a bit of mud and some rocky spots, but overall it’s not bad. Especially when compared to the much steeper Hogback.

In the autumn, I imagine that this area is brimming with color.

The Little Presque Isle recreational area has many different trail systems that connect, creating multiple possibilities to access Top of the World. One of the easiest ways is to park at Wetmore Pond trailhead and follow Beagle Road to the “Jedi Trail.”

If you’re short on time or would rather skip out on the hike, you can also pick up the trail further up and experience the overlook by following Harlow Lake Road to the “3” parking area. Park here and follow the trail for a short distance to reach.

For more information, visit Little Presque Isle.

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