A Stroll to Laughing Whitefish Falls

Location: Rock River Township, Michigan

Imagine an easy stroll through a quiet forest, ending at one of Michigan’s tallest waterfalls; Laughing Whitefish Falls. Located in the Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site, this waterfall is considered by many to be Michigan’s most spectacular waterfall.

Laughing Whitefish Falls is best viewed in the spring during the snow melt or after a heavy rainfall. I have never seen it completely dried up, but it does shrink in the summer months.

Mom peeking over the edge

It is a unique waterfall. Instead of a 100 foot drop straight down, the river slides down limestone steps, creating a dramatic appearance.

The round trip hike is about 1.2 miles. The hike is easy but there are 153 stair steps visitors must descend (and ascend) to get to the lower observation deck. There are viewing platforms along the way and benches for those who need to rest or just want to take in the view.

From the bottom observation deck

There is also a very nice view from the top of the falls. This is my favorite spot because the view of the surrounding area is beautiful and it’s easier to get a feel of how tall this waterfall really is.

Laughing Whitefish Falls
From the top observation deck

The Laughing Whitefish Scenic Site was originally established in 1965. The donation included 100 acres of land as well as the waterfall. Since then, the site has grown, now encompassing 360 acres.

There is a vault toilet at the trailhead as well as some historical information.

This is a wonderful location for hikers and families of all experiences. For hikers, there is a special treat. This trail is also offers a connection trail for the North Country Trail.

Getting There

Laughing Whitefish Falls is located about 25 miles southeast of Marquette and 30 miles southwest of Munising. It is just off of M-94.

From Marquette, follow US-41 E out of town for about 16 miles to M-94.

Turn left onto M-94 and continue for another 6.4 miles.

Turn left onto Sundell road.

In 2.3 miles, turn right onto Laughing Whitefish Falls and in about a quarter of a mile, you will reach the parking area.

A recreational passport is required to park here.

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