A 40 Foot Adventure

I read somewhere that 40 foot falls, also known as Cliff Falls, is Michigan's most remote waterfall. While it is true that it is remote, it is also frequently visited. Nevertheless, it's easy to see why this waterfall draws so much attention.

The Rugged Hike to Pinnacle Falls

There is nothing easy about Pinnacle Falls. Just getting to the parking area can be a challenge. Winding dirt roads with few to no signs marking the way. But for those with the spirit of adventure, Pinnacle Falls is well worth the trek.

A Rewarding Hike to Bulldog Falls

The Yellow Dog River is well known for it’s impressive Yellow Dog Falls. However, it is deep within the boundaries of the McCormick Wilderness Area that the river truly shines. McCormick Wilderness Trailhead Bulldog Falls is one of the many waterfalls along Yellow Dog River and one of the most impressive. With several drops, a... Continue Reading →

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore: Sable Falls

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is known for its stunning rock formations, massive cliffs, and elegant waterfalls. It is an outdoor adventurers dream paradise. Nature's finest. Sable Falls is no exception. From 2014 Located on the east side of the park near Grand Marais, Sable Falls drops over 75 feet over sandstone formations on its way... Continue Reading →

A Roadside Stop: Jacob’s Falls

Michigan has few roadside waterfalls that compare with the beauty of Jacob's Falls. Located about 3 miles east of Eagle River in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, Jacob's Falls provides something for everyone. From tt's roadside convenience of it's final drop to the more adventurous upper drops, this waterfall allows people of all experience levels the chance to... Continue Reading →

Visiting Dead River Falls

Running 43.2 miles through Marquette County, the Dead River is home to several very impressive waterfalls. The falls known as Dead River Falls are located just outside of Marquette, Michigan. Three of the falls are over 15 feet in height. All of them are rugged and beautiful. While the hike is short (less than a... Continue Reading →

A Winter Visit: Black River Falls

Bobbling frozen bubbles and a roaring winter waterfalls. Not quite an enchanting winter scene but definitely nature making a statement. Black River Falls is a steep, wide chute nestled between two large outcroppings. Reaching 20 feet in height,  this single drop waterfall it is not the tallest in Marquette County, but it is certainly interesting, especially in... Continue Reading →

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