Gear Review: Mission Enduracool Microfiber Towel

Hiking during hot days requires a bit of creative thinking and planning. Avoiding mid-day temperatures can help but what about those days when it can't be avoided? We had this very problem when we did our hike through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Our solution was the Mission Enduracool Microfiber Towel.

Gear Review: The MSR Guardian Purifier

No one wants to get sick on a camping trip, especially from bad water. Harmful water can contain viruses, bacteria, protozoans, and particulates. Having a good filtering system that helps protect you from bad water is a key component to any camping or backpacking trip. The MSR Guardian first grabbed our attention in 2016 after... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Pocket Bellows

Fire has 3 basic needs; fuel, heat, and oxygen. The Pocket Bellows by Epiphany Outdoor Gear directs oxygen with pinpoint accuracy, directly to where its needed. No more blowing aimlessly until you are dizzy.

Gear Review: The Ka-Bar Utensil

When looking for gear, the best options tend to be multi-purpose. It's easy to see why the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork would seem like a great choice for utensils. A fork, spoon, and knife all in one. However, it falls short of our standards. The Specs Made from polymer plasticWeighs 0.1 lbs"Heavily" serrated lifeSpork length is... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Hennessy SnakeSkins

I wasn’t looking for a new storage system when I came across Hennessy’s SnakeSkins. But after seeing them demonstrated, I wanted them. I have been using them for a full season now and am very happy with my decision to make them a part of my hammocking experience. The Specs Packed Weight: 2.3 ozPacked Size: 6″... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Warbonnet Superfly

I wanted a high quality, highly versatile tarp/rainfly to compliment my Clark NX-270 hammock. After weeks of research, I settled on the Warbonnet Superfly Rainfly and have not been disappointed. The Specs of the Superfly Ridgeline Length: 11 feetWidth: 10 feetWeight: 15 ounces"All Season" Tarp The Pros "Great for cold weather use or folks who want... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Clark NX-270

How you camp is just as important as where you camp. Having a suitable shelter that fits your needs plays a major role in having a successful (and happy) trip. Back in April, I made the decision to switch from a tent to a hammock. It reduced the weight I carried, the amount of space... Continue Reading →

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