A Quiet Escape: Black Slate Falls

Black Slate Falls is small but it offers so much. With variety levels in the drops, the roughness of stone, and the overall peacefulness of the area, Black Slate Falls makes the perfect location for a quiet escape. Black Slate Falls is located just east of L'Anse, Michigan on the Slate River. It's easy to... Continue Reading →

A Trek Up Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain may not be Mount Everest, but it certainly has something to offer those in the Marquette area. Honestly, I could have sat up there all day, admiring the view. Miles and mile of forest in one direction, Lake Superior 470 feet below in another. This 360 view of the Marquette area is pretty... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Yellow Dog Falls

Yellow Dog Falls is located on the Yellow Dog River in Marquette County. This river runs wild throughout the county, untouched by human development. Many of the waterfalls are not very easily accessible. Yellow Dog Falls is one of the larger falls, nearly 20 feet in height and is the most accessible.

The Beauty of Alder Falls

Located 20 miles north-west of Marquette, Michigan, Alder Falls is a beautiful, multi-leveled waterfall. The lowest drop is the most impressive at around 30 feet in height. This cascading falls is surrounded by pure beauty and is one of my favorite places to visit.

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