A Stroll to Laughing Whitefish Falls

Imagine an easy stroll through a quiet forest, ending at one of Michigan's tallest waterfalls; Laughing Whitefish Falls. Located in the Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site, this waterfall is considered by many to be Michigan's most spectacular waterfall.

A 40 Foot Adventure

I read somewhere that 40 foot falls, also known as Cliff Falls, is Michigan's most remote waterfall. While it is true that it is remote, it is also frequently visited. Nevertheless, it's easy to see why this waterfall draws so much attention.

A Winter Visit: Black River Falls

Bobbling frozen bubbles and a roaring winter waterfalls. Not quite an enchanting winter scene but definitely nature making a statement. Black River Falls is a steep, wide chute nestled between two large outcroppings. Reaching 20 feet in height,  this single drop waterfall it is not the tallest in Marquette County, but it is certainly interesting, especially in... Continue Reading →

Bushwhacking to Mulligan Falls

Mulligan Falls is one of those remote, wild waterfalls that has no easy access point. There are no established trails through the overgrown banks, not even a game path. But at 40 feet in height and with multiple drops, all different from the last, the incentive is too good to pass up. We parked at the... Continue Reading →

The Hills of Blind 35

Welcome to the Huron Mountains. That's the message we received when we crested the top of the Blind 35 Hill. No special platform, no group of people. Just simply the mountains. Since buying the property in the area, we have been eyeing the massive rock face that we have begun to call Odin's High Chair. It... Continue Reading →

Hiking Thomas Rock

Thomas Rock, previously known as Gobbler's Knob, may not have the 360-degree views that the neighboring Sugarloaf Mountain has, but it still offers something spectacular. We discovered this scenic site back in 2013 and it has yet to lose its charm. Visitors follow a paved, interpretive trail to the top where they are greeted with... Continue Reading →

A Trek Up Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain may not be Mount Everest, but it certainly has something to offer those in the Marquette area. Honestly, I could have sat up there all day, admiring the view. Miles and mile of forest in one direction, Lake Superior 470 feet below in another. This 360 view of the Marquette area is pretty... Continue Reading →

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